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Get complete, all-in-one cybersecurity to create safe learning environments for K-12 and higher education institutions. Keep your students, faculty, and data secure, no matter where they are located: on-campus, remotely, or in the cloud.

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Designed With Education Institutions in Mind

Special Education Pricing Plus E-Rate Eligibility

Sophos offers schools special discounted pricing to ensure you can deliver uncompromised cybersecurity and support uninterrupted learning while meeting the unique budget requirements of educational institutions.

Further, Sophos network protection solutions qualify for E-rate funding, further stretching budgets for U.S. schools and libraries, while protecting your network from unauthorized access to information, software, and systems.

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Block Ransomware in Education

Sophos blocks ransomware, keeping your students safe and your institution up and running without fear of attack. With unique threat prevention capabilities, Sophos recognizes and stops ransomware before it takes hold.  With a comprehensive suite of solutions including Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Extended Detection and Response, Sophos Managed Detection and Response, and Sophos Rapid Response that all integrate and synchronize via our Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem, Sophos delivers unparalleled protection and advanced threat detection, prevention, and response.

Sophos Minimizes the Risk and Impact of Ransomware

Ransomware Solution Brief

The State of Ransomware in Education 2022

Key survey findings:

  • Ransomware attacks on education have increased over the last year
  • Education is least able to stop data from being encrypted in an attack
  • Only 2% of education institutions recovered all their encrypted data after paying a ransom
  • Education has below-average cyber insurance coverage rates against ransomware

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“Sophos is not just about the products; it offers something more in the form of immediate support, partnership, and that invaluable human touch. It’s something we haven’t experienced with other companies.”

Richard Jones, ICT Manager at Shore

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Cybersecurity as a Service

IT security staff shortages, budget cuts, and a challenging recruiting climate make it difficult to fight the targeted attacks schools face. With Sophos MDR, your organization is backed by an elite team of 24x7 threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats. Should you find yourself in the middle of an incident, our Rapid Response will quickly find, remove, and mitigate the attacks.

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Enable Secure Remote Learning

Keep your network and your school secure as you embrace the shift to remote learning and BYOD.  With Sophos ZTNA, you can control access to resources based on user identity and device health. Connect school branches and users to your main network without risk with Sophos SD-RED. Achieve consistent performance and availability for cloud applications like Dropbox Education, G Suite, and ClassDojo; and deliver applications to keep pace with changing EdTech apps on the network.

Secure Remote Learning

Case Study: University of Oxford

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Network Security Purpose-Built for Education

Sophos Firewall and a suite of our network security solutions include features purpose-built for higher education, K-12, and primary or secondary education institutions.  With built-in features and policy settings for compliance with local regulations, such as pre-defined activities like “Not Suitable for Schools” and features like SafeSearch, YouTube restrictions, and keyword filtering, Sophos helps you ensure student safety online, without restricting learning.

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Sophos Solutions to Secure Students, Faculty, and Data

Sophos offers the industry’s broadest suite of advanced cybersecurity products and services, all integrated via our Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem, and available to be managed by you or by our team of 24x7 elite threat analysts. Each standalone product is made more powerful and effective by the data shared across the platform. You choose the level of support you need to ensure you have complete protection across your entire network, right down to individual devices.

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